Welcome to the Dubai Investments Center, located in UAE - the leading investment destination country (2022) with 700k+ companies and:
  • 92,600 US-dollar millionaires;
  • 4,000 multi-millionaires worth more than $10 M;
  • 251 centi-millionaires (over $100 M);
  • 15 $-billionaires.
Dubai Investments Center is a Business Hub created with the support of legal, financial and investment organizations of the UAE, under the supervision of the international Consulting Consortium SANDJAR GROUP (headquartered in Dubai).

Investment Opportunities in UAE
Dubai is a world center of innovations and investors
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DUBAI INVESTMENTS CENTER is a business project of SANDJAR GROUP - a global legal and business consortium of 16 companies and 247 experts, lawyers, consultants, attorneys, and litigators, headquartered in Dubai and providing services in Law Enforcement, IP-Protection, Monetization, and Investments industries in 35 countries (including USA, Europe, Asia and GCC Region).

SANDJAR GROUP is known for its leadership by Dr. Sandjar Muminov, who serves as President of SANDJAR GROUP and was recognized as a World Best (TOP-5) Intellectual Property Experts.
He is also one of the best litigation lawyers in IP-Industry.
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'Hello, You finally found a good, strong, global partner to protect and monetize Your business assets & creative ideas!

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What you will get from 1-hour personal consultation with Dr. Sandjar Muminov:

Topic 1: Understanding the Investors Landscape in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, there are 17 distinct types of investors, investing from $10k upto $100M. Each type has unique preferences and requirements. To maximize your chances of attracting investments, it's crucial to identify the right investor for your project. In this topic, Dr. Sandjar willl guide you through understanding the various investor profiles, their investment capacities, and the key strategies to reach out to them effectively.

Topic 2: Creation a Winning Investment Pitch

From Concept to Commitment - A Step-by-Step Guide: Successfully securing investments requires meticulous preparation. In this topic, Dr. Sandjar will teach you how to present your project to potential investors. Learn how to compile the necessary documentation, fine-tune your pitch presentation, and master the art of conducting impactful meetings in UAE. Discover the critical elements that captivate investors' interest and leave a lasting impression

Topic 3: Mitigating Risks and Successful Fundraising

Every investor in UAE assesses risk, and understanding their perspective is paramount. In this topic, Dr. Sandjar willl equip you with the knowledge to anticipate and address potential concerns. Learn how to prepare a robust package of documents that instills confidence, and gain insights into the factors investors consider during project evaluation. With over 8 years of experience and 21 successful deals, Dr.Sandjar will empower you to navigate the investment landscape in the UAE with confidence in successful fundraising.

Booking of 1-hour Professional Consultation from Dr. Sandjar Muminov is available now
The market price of 1-hour Expert session of Dr. Sandjar Muminov in Global Firms and Consulting Companies is $2,000 - in Dubai Investment Center you can buy this consultation directly!
Successful Fundraising Cases
IP-Based Investment Business Projects
$8 Billion (AED 29 B) Innovative Payment and Kiosk Services Provider, IP-Protection, IP-Strategy, Trade Secret, Valuation, etc. (ADX Listed)

$274 M, IP-Protection, Valuation, Monetization
Available for investors ->
$ 9 M, IP-Protection, Licensing Agreement, Risks Mitigation, Monetization, IP-Strategy, IP-Portfolio, Investments, etc.
$250M, IP-Shares Legal Framework, IP-Protection, Risk Assessment, NFT, Investments, Valuation, IP-Strategy, etc.
$3 M, IP-Protection, Valuation, Risk Assessment, IP-Strategy, Monetization, etc.
$15 M, Innovations Protection, IP-Strategy, Trade Secret, Know-How, Monetization, etc.
$25 M, IP-Portfolio, IP-Protection, IP-Strategy, Monetization, etc
$ 2,5 M, IP-Protection, Licensing Agreement, Monetization, etc.
$1,5 M, IP-Shares Legal Framework, IP-Protection, Risk Assessment, NFT, Investments, Valuation, IP-Strategy, etc.
$6 M, IP-Protection, IP-Strategy, Risk Assessment, Monetization, Investments.
$37 M, IP-Protection, IP-Strategy, Valuation, Invest. Package, IP-Shares
Available for investors ->
Services and Products developed by World TOP-5 Expert
Business protection
Assessing the value of intellectual business assets for the purpose of selling or attracting investors

Valuation of Business
Сontrol of partners and contractors

Franchises and licenses
Registration of brands, trademarks, legal protection of technologies, products, know-how, production secrets

Intellectual property audit
Сreation of patent and copyright documentation for registration of rights to business projects in the field of IT, blockchain, tokenization

Blockchain and tokens
Study of legal purity, analysis of business risks from the point of view of protection of intellectual property rights

Attraction of investments from GCC-region based private and institutional investors, preparation projects and businesses for sales, investment deals, corporate structuring and legal frameworks creation

Trough selling to Investors the Intellectual Property of Business Project (IP-SHARES)
Key Characteristics of IP-SHARES INVEST Service:
How it works:
Consultation with
IP-Specialist, payment
Creation IP-Portfolio,
valuation, IP-Shares
Attraction of investments
through selling IP-Shares
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Statistics and Results:
Total Attracted Investments
Total Value of IP-Shares
Successful Cases of IP-Selling
You'll be in good company with our clients!
You'll be in good company with our clients!
We are the International Experts
In Investments Attraction
We prioritize a customized approach for each project, conducting comprehensive analyses to identify both risks and business opportunities. This enables informed decision-making, fostering sustainable project development and success
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