Invest-Checkup - quickly examination of the startup's readiness for investments attraction in United Arab Emirates in terms of:
  • documentation;
  • innovation level;
  • financial modeling;
  • and many other aspects

Welcome to the Dubai Investments Center, located in UAE - the leading investment destination country (2022) with 700k+ companies and:
  • 92,600 US-dollar millionaires;
  • 4,000 multi-millionaires worth more than $10 M;
  • 251 centi-millionaires (over $100 M);
  • 15 $-billionaires.
Dubai Investments Center is a Business Hub created with the support of legal, financial and investment organizations of the UAE, under the supervision of the international Consulting Consortium SANDJAR GROUP (headquartered in Dubai).

Investment Opportunities in UAE
Dubai is a world center of innovations and investors

Why do you need Invest-Checkup?

Checking a startup project for readiness to attract investments is an important step in presenting your business to potential investors.

This process will help you understand how attractive your project is to investors and prepare you for possible questions and reviews.

Interview with Dr. Sandjar Muminov, International Expert in Investments for Startups
Invest-Checkup - how to avoid mistakes and not to lose an investor

We have:

(1) BASIC, (2) STANDARD and (3) PREMIUM Packages

Included Services
(1) BASIC:
Free of Charge
$ 200
$ 1,000
1) Brand Name & Logo: Protectablity Analysis
2) Innovation Level Analysis
3) Business Concept Protectability
4) Brand Name, Logo and Domain - protectability analysis based on search in Intellectual Property databases
5) Analysis of Investment, Capitalization, and Monetization opportunities of Business Project
6) Analysis of legal protectability of Social Media Channels and Accounts
7) Checking of Investment Documentation, Business Plan and Financial Model
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Successful Fundraising Cases
Investment Business Projects and Capitalization
$250M, IP-Shares Legal Framework, IP-Protection, Risk Assessment, NFT, Investments, Valuation, IP-Strategy, etc.
$3 M, IP-Protection, Valuation, Risk Assessment, IP-Strategy, Monetization, etc.
$15 M, Innovations Protection, IP-Strategy, Trade Secret, Know-How, Monetization, etc.
$25 M, IP-Portfolio, IP-Protection, IP-Strategy, Monetization, etc
$ 9 M, IP-Protection, Licensing Agreement, Risks Mitigation, Monetization, IP-Strategy, IP-Portfolio, Investments, etc.
$1,5 M, IP-Shares Legal Framework, IP-Protection, Risk Assessment, NFT, Investments, Valuation, IP-Strategy, etc.
Our Invest-Checkup Analytic Methodology is based on 2,500 startup-projects during 8 years
3) Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)
4) Facilitating Due Diligence for Investors
Unaddressed legal issues can lead to unexpected expenses and delays down the road. By proactively addressing legal concerns, startups can avoid the financial burden of dealing with lawsuits or compliance violations, which can be a major turn-off for investors.
5) Avoiding Surprise Legal Costs
Checking the valuation of a startup helps find investors because it provides a transparent and credible assessment of the company's worth and growth potential, allowing investors to make informed decisions and negotiate investment terms effectively.
6) Valuation Verification
Investors often look for startups with unique and innovative products or services. Conducting a legal review ensures that the startup's intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, are properly protected. This safeguard reassures investors that the startup's core assets are secure from potential disputes or infringement claims.
7) Complying with Regulations
Our experience based on 2,5k+ cases when startups fail in investor meetings due to reasons like poor preparation, lack of a compelling pitch, unclear business model, inexperienced team, unrealistic expectations, and failure to address potential concerns or questions from investors
8) Our Experts can Fast Identify the Proper Steps to Attract Investors
Many industries are subject to strict regulations, and non-compliance can result in significant penalties. Investors want to ensure that the startup operates within the legal boundaries of the industry. Conducting a legal check ensures that the startup complies with all relevant regulations, creating a more attractive investment opportunity.
When a startup has already conducted a thorough legal review, it streamlines the due diligence process for potential investors. Investors will appreciate the readily available legal documentation and the startup's commitment to legal compliance, making them more likely to move forward with the investment.
A startup that has taken the time to address legal matters in a professional manner signals that it operates with integrity and transparency.

This, in turn, enhances the startup's credibility in the eyes of investors, making them more willing to invest their capital.
1) Enhancing Credibility
Investors are naturally risk-averse, especially when it comes to early-stage startups. A comprehensive legal due diligence process can identify potential legal risks and liabilities that the startup may face in the future. By addressing and mitigating these issues, the startup demonstrates its commitment to responsible business practices, reducing the perceived risk for investors.
2) Mitigating Risk
Our Results and Achievements
SANDJAR GROUP - a global legal and business consortium of 16 companies and 247 experts, lawyers, consultants, attorneys, and litigators, headquartered in Dubai and providing services in Law Enforcement, IP-Protection, Monetization, and Investments industries in 35 countries (including USA, Europe, Asia and GCC Region).

SANDJAR GROUP is known for its leadership by Dr. Sandjar Muminov, who serves as President of SANDJAR GROUP and was recognized as a World Best (TOP-5) Intellectual Property Experts.
He is also one of the best litigation lawyers in IP-Industry.
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You'll be in good company with our clients!
Dr. Sandjar Muminov was recognized World TOP-5 IP-Experts by IIPLA-Association 2020
The International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA, HQs in US and UK) with its 6th IP-Congress (February 2020) brought together the world-leading IP-Experts in Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, and Franchising industries to share ideas/experience, make partnership and to find solutions for the most difficult challenges facing the IP-market.
Dr. Sandjar's Interview
with William Tien - CEO of NFT Today
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